Risotto is per definition one of the favourites at home, with all kind of ingredients, most of the time I make the vegetarian versions some how they are the most creamy. This risotto with mushrooms is from the book Jamie 30 Minutes Meals, it is is just so delicious, quite easy but as all risotto’s impossible in 30 minutes 😉 In the book is a full menu, risotto, salad and dessert, I only made the risotto and part of the salad, no dessert to keep the meal healthy and all took me about 1 hour cooking, but still I love it and I am going to make again, who cares about the time when a meal is good! To start you need to have a lot of ingredients ready, onion, celery, dried porcini mushrooms, rosemary, vegetable stock, risotto rice, white wine, mix fresh mushrooms, garlic, thyme, butter and parmesan cheese. I did have all ingredients, for the stock I had my own self made plus one cube because is needed for the cooking.


As usual with almost all recipes from Jamie 30 or 15 Minutes Meals, you need to have a food processor, something I don’t actually have, just a small hand mixer, that helps me a bit in this kind of cooking. So you have to chop very fine with the hand mixer the onion, celery and dried porcini, well it was not so fine but still was good, since we like to feel the vegetables.

Then you have quite some actions if you follow the instructions just for the risotto, since my salad was differing from the recipe. In a good and big pan, bake the vegetable mix that you just made, you need to keep steering, meanwhile you pick and chop the rosemary leaves, something that actually I recommend to do before you start cooking, is just less stressing. Adding them then to the pan together with the risotto and the wine with the stock cube.

Risotto-with-Mushrooms-2 Risotto-with-Mushrooms-3

From here you you need to keep adding stock or water slowly to the risotto (I prefer stock because gives more taste), one soup spoon at the time. This is a long process depending on the kind of risotto you have.

The next step is to take action with the fresh mushrooms, according to the recipe you need to wash them, something that I don’t do, because then you also wash all the vitamins away. So I use a special brush to clean the possible dirt and with my hands I break the mushrooms into small pieces. The half of the mushrooms will go into the risotto and the other half you have to grill together with the thyme and garlic for a few minutes. Fantastic smell comes out of the oven when you are grilling.

Risotto-with-Mushrooms-4As last to make the risotto creamy and soft you need to add the butter and grated parmesan, no need to add salt since all the ingredients have already a lot of flavours to give perfect taste. Serve with a salad. A perfect risotto in just one hour on your table!




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