Month: September 2023

An evening with good friends

There is nothing better to enjoy an evening that good friends and of course fantastic food. Since I moved to The Netherlands, almost 27 years ago, I have met many people and made friends from different backgrounds. Among those friends are a group of 4 Spanish women that are living here for different reasons, we met years ago when my daughter was following her Spanish lessons. Since a couple of years we have started to met every few weeks in the house of one of us and we all bring food, drinks and of course we just want to have a good time chatting and laughing. (more…)

Another Year

 I remember that last year I said that I would be back to post more regularly in my website, but one thing brings you to the other and in the end I just lost track of time. Now I am going to give another try, who knows maybe it works this time 🙂


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