We go at least once a year to Great Britain on holidays, we love the peace you can have in the country side, also the tearooms, they are fantastic, our favorites are scones and of course Carrot Cake. A few years ago I bought The Great British Book of Baking with great cakes and the best carrot cake you can find. Actually I have bake this cake a few times already but I think, well I am sure, this time was the best ever, so I had to tell you all about. 

For this delicious cake you need quite a lot of ingredients, self-raising flour, baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, mixed spice, ginger, muscovado sugar, orange zest, walnuts, eggs, sunflower oil, carrots, full-fat cream cheese, butter, icing sugar and orange juice. The mix spices I bought them in England in one of my holidays, I just can not find in The Netherlands.

Carrot-Cake-1The way of preparing is quite easy, just start with the flour and spices, so the dry ingredients, making sure they are all well mix, then slowly add all the rest and is a matter of having a strong arm because can be a quite heavy dough.

Carrot-Cake-2 Carrot-Cake-3Then you need to divide into 2 baking tins. The round tins I have I bought them few years ago in England, I am so happy with them, I have in 2 different sizes, perfect for all kind of cakes.

Carrot-Cake-4 Carrot-Cake-5 When is cooling you can start preparing the filling and topping. Until this time I had always problems with that part because it was a bit runny, but finally I found the right full-fat cream cheese, mon chou, thanks to a good friend of mine who gave me the tip. It was just perfect.

Carrot-Cake-6When I was spreading the filling was very creamy and also firm, the right texture. I was so happy, this cake I made for the birthday of a very good friend of mine. It was an absolutely success, now I know what for cheese I need to use and I can hardly wait until I make it again!


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