Tomorrow is already spring but here in The Netherlands we had a very sunny and spring weather since the beginning of March. Looks like every year is earlier, climate change … Anyway so this weekend we had started working in our garden getting ready for the coming months. A lot of seeding, bell  peppers, tomatoes, salads, carrots, beetroot, sunflowers, pumpkins, squash, … We have also prepared our strawberries for the season, we moved them around in the garden to have the best ground every time.

Unfortunately we have a lot of problems with the neighbours cats, we have to cover every free space of the garden with nets otherwise they will just use it as litter box, not so good when you actually want to grow your vegetables …  We have tried already coffee, cat scare granules, repellent plants but nothing seems to get rid of them. Any tips to scare them in a friendly way are of course welcome.

Meanwhile the bulbs we planted in the winter are starting to come out, the first ones of course are always the daffodils, but some of the tulips are already coming out. Beautiful colours are slowly filling our mini front garden and a bit our our back garden.

In the coming weeks we will slowly add some more flowers, on Friday we went to the garden centre and we bought Violas, a few pots, still we need to plant them, busy weekend, but we hope to get them on the ground soon, the coming days we are expecting nice and warm weather, so hopefully the garden will be soon full with colorful flowers and delicious food.

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