Granola-3Granola is one of the most populars grains at this moment and if is selfmade is absolutely fantastic. You can have for breakfast or giving extra taste to your ice cream, perfect with milk or yogurt. Has a lot of vitamins but also sugars if you are not very careful. My own granola is a bit of everything and actually never taste the same because I constantly change the ingredients, depending in what I have at home at that moment. 

Normally for a large amount of granola, you can have few times breakfast, the ingredients you can use are:

  • 50 gr pecan
  • 50 gr almonds
  • 50 gr pistachios
  • 50 gr walnuts
  • 50 gr pine nuts
  • 50 gr sunflowers seeds
  • 50 gr grated coconut
  • 100 gr oatmeal flakes
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 6 tbsp honey
  • 75 gr raisins
  • 75 gr cranberries

Granola-1The preparation is very simple, take a big baking tin, cover with baking paper and then add all the ingredients except the raisins and cranberries, mixing all very well.

Granola-2In a 200 degrees preheated oven bake for about 20 minutes, remember after 10 minutes to take out of the oven and stir a bit. Once is done scoop the content into a big bowl and add the raisins and cranberries, allow the granola to cool down completely stirring every few minutes to make sure keeps her looseness. Enjoy your breakfast !




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