Marta-OesterbankIt has been more than 2 months since my last post, I have been busy trying to find out what should be next. Of course I have been cooking and taking pictures, all with the intention of writing the recipes to share with you, but some how I have never got the time or even I just didn’t feel like doing it. Let’s say I am having a kind of a midlife crisis ­čśë┬á

About a year ago I got a bacteria for which I had to take antibiotics. Not a good thing but something positive came out, I lost a few kilos, the ones that were too many.┬áNot only this, also my intestinal flora changed, my body changed, for the better. I stopped taking the famous pil, because I didn’t want to have chemicals in my body.

Of course to keep still in health I had to take a good look at what we were eating at home. We were already eating organic maybe 80%, that had to be improved, at this moment I think we are already at 95%. Also the meat consuming we had to bring down, not that we ate much, I think now we have meat maximum 3 days a week and sometimes not even that. Good for your health and the environment.

Then more than a year ago I started to study Nutrition, with one of the those home courses, you can study when you want and how you want. Well I can tell you, it doesn’t work, hahaha. Even that it can be interesting you need to have the will to sit and study, I can think of┬ásomething better to do than study. Although in this period I have been reading quite some books and a lot of information via the internet. I am not sure if I will ever finish my official study, but I think I know more about nutrition and what good food can do for you that any other academic nutritionist. I am learning everyday, testing new things that will give me more energy and will help me to feel better inside and outside. Not everything works and sometimes you actually get a bit sick but you can recover quickly if you know how. I think I found my own way.

This week has started a bit strange for me, on Monday on my way to the station, I had a flat tire. On Tuesday my winter jacket zipper broke in the afternoon when it was raining. On Wednesday I forgot my lunch at home. Well they say things are coming in three, I hope it is true and stays there. One thing is sure it is a turning point to check my life. To change my life. To do something I really like. To enjoy life, friends and family. To teach and learn from people. Now I know what I want, like I said, I am not sure if I will ever finish my study just to have a diploma, but I would love to learn people to eat, to be healthy and then to enjoy life, that’s what I want and I want to start as soon as possible, time for the first step.┬áI will keep updating in my blog all the steps I am going to take from now on, just keep an eye …

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