Parpadelle-with-Lamb-Ragu-3Pasta is by excellence a favourite for children, you can combine in so many ways and give so many different taste that is a joy to eat. I do have my own very good sauce, but many times I like to try new things and in the book Nigellisima there are a few good and easy recipes. She uses normally ingredients that are not complicated, we might have or not, but we can find easily. 

From the ingredients that you need for this ragu (garlic oil, shallot, mint, oregano, pepper flakes, minced lamb, pot tomatoes, red currant jelly, worcester sauce and pasta) I didn’t have the garlic oil, that I just substituted for garlic cloves, also I couldn’t find the jelly, so I just left that out. Regarding the meat, in the supermarket where I do my groceries they only had mix minced meat from lamb and pork, so I had to do with that.

Parpadelle-with-Lamb-Ragu-1The way of making this ragu is just very simple to follow, but because I didn’t have all the ingredients I did a few changes in the way of cooking, still it was a very successful recipe.


I left the ragu much longer to cook than what in the book was saying, very slowly. It was just fantastic, the idea of the worcester sauce had never occur to me before, I love it, gives extra aroma’s to the meal and to the whole house. I am for sure going to make again, but then I hope to have found the jelly, not sure where in Holland I can get it, I will have to do some research.



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