Hello readers,

On September 2011 I started a blog about my cooking (www.agoodcookinglife.blogspot.com) . For 3 years I have been writing recipes, some were mine, others adapted recipes from books or magazines. Some how I felt that that was not what I actually wanted to write about, I don’t want to write recipes. I want to write about cooking and how to do it.

I love trying all kind of recipes from books, magazines, internet, even from those cards from the supermarkets. So I have decided that my website shouldn’t be any more about MY recipes, because they are not mine but just about how I have experienced them and of course give the credit of the recipe to the right person/s.

In those 3 years I got also very much into health, and of course food is a part of it. I even started studying again, Nutrition. I am not sure what I am going to do with that later, but for my own knowledge and understanding of what food can do to you its just great to do. I want to learn a better way to eat, to have health. I believe that food can cure everything, you just have to know how. Of course some times to have cake is also OK, we still have to live and enjoy, isn’t?

Well said all this, I present you my new website, here I am going to test all kind of recipes and I will tell you how I have experienced them and how was the taste. I will talk about my favourite cooking books, magazines, websites and why not, also a bit of opinion about healthy food.



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